Review: Bakesale Betty/Scream Sorbet

November 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today I had the pleasure of going to Bakesale Betty with my friends Kyle, Peter, and Andrea. Bakesale Betty is a small shop that is known for their sell-out fried chicken sandwich that often leaves hour long lines down Telegraph Ave in Oakland. Here are the photos from our dining excursion:

Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long before getting our hands on the famous sandwich. I recommend arriving sooner rather than later to avoid the possibility of everything selling out. By the time we got there (around noon) Bakesale Betty had already sold out of all their cookies and lemon ice.

The set-up of the shop is very simple: a few rolling pins for decoration and mint colored paneling that lines the black walls.

Outside, you will find mismatched stools and ironing boards converted into outdoor tables lined along the street to offer seating.

Peter and I ordered the renowned chicken sandwich and my friend Kyle, a vegetarian, ordered the tofu sandwich.

One sandwich will set you back a little more than $10, but the large portions make it easy to share. The sandwich comes with a thick, juicy piece of fried chicken under a bed of tangy cole slaw made with cabbage, red onion, cilantro, and jalepeño.

Kyle’s sandwich was virtually the same thing, but with a thick piece of fried tofu that replaced the chicken.

The flavor combination of the rich chicken and the refreshing slaw made this sandwich ten dollars well spent.

My only complaint was that the chicken could have been a wee bit hotter. Other than that, this sandwich is a good find with great perks: relatively inexpensive, large portions, kind staff.

After enjoying our lunch, Andrea recommended we check out the sorbet shop next door for some dessert. What I assumed to be a gelato shop was actually a shop dedicated purely to sorbet, which shocked me because the consistency of some of their sorbets could have fooled me for gelato or ice cream.

The shop was well decorated with quirky art along the walls, a chandelier, and mirrors that display the prices for the various sizes of sorbet.

The cashier was extremely friendly and gave us as many samples as we had asked for without a hint of annoyance.

Sizes range from single to triple ($3-$7) and they allow you to combine multiple flavors together.

I decided on a double Hazelnut (no dairy, but tasted just like ice cream), which had a delicate hazelnut flavor without too much sweetness.

Peter ordered a double Pecan Bourbon sorbet (again, no dairy, but so close to ice cream consistency), which had notes of caramel and the scent of actual bourbon.

Andrea decided on a single Kiwi sorbet, which she swore tasted exactly like kiwi (the cashier told us that it was basically made from kiwis, water, and sugar).

And Kyle ordered what I considered the most creative frozen confection from the shop: a Pink Pearl Apple Sorbet and Snickerdoodle cookie sorbet sandwich. It looked unbelievable and I’m sure it tasted even better.

After receiving our treats, we left the shop only to be reminded by the cashier to “pay for our sorbet.” That’s right. We walked out of the shop forgetting to pay. Which was embarrassing, seeing as though we all had the money ready in our hands, but got too distracted from the sorbet to even pay. Whoops

Overall, the Temescal district in Oakland offers tons of quirky dining options and I would highly recommend checking out both Bakesale Betty and Scream Sorbet for great eating at a reasonable price.

5098 Telegraph Ave
(between 51st St & 49th St)
Oakland, CA 94609

5030 Telegraph Ave
(between 49th St & 51st St)
Oakland, CA 94609

Happy dining,



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